VAC Game | Visual Animated Coin Game, Crypto Gambling Site Introduction

We are a bunch of guys who got rich after the increase of BTC last year (which we sold all when it reached $18,000). We want to use our own money on something could help the community of this crazy crypto world. That is to have fun. And what can be fun? Game & Money. LOL.

VAC Game = Visual Animated Coin Game.
Note: Don’t be stupid to call us Video Adult Coin Game. We only watch porn in our own rooms. We don’t share porn. LOL.


VAC Game will change the way people playing games. There won’t just only some games. We will expand and develop more games. This is just the beginning.

VAC Game Tokens

Use to play games to EARN MONEY.
Trade on crypto exchanges to MAKE PROFIT.

VAC Game Airdrop & Bounty

Check here for details: